Friday, February 8, 2013

Beep beep yeah!

Maybe once a year I remember a digital watch I had as a kid which played "Hey Jude" and "Yesterday." Previous searches didn't turn up anything, but today I stumbled on a video of the watch in action! Any other Dullblog readers remember this (or -- still have it?)?


Michael Gerber said...

Ed, you OWNED this watch?

God, somebody's parents loved him a LOT. I couldn't even make it through the video. :-)

Alex said...

My cat found this video extremely disturbing. (But unlike Michael Gerber, he lacked the computer skills to make it stop...)

J.R. Clark said...

Speaking of disturbing video, has anyone ever seen this 1978 Ringo Starr TV special?

It makes Magical Mystery Tour seem like Citizen Kane. Watch for curly-perm George Harrison at the beginning of the show!