Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Harmony lesson: "This Boy"

I stumbled upon this video and just had to share it, not only because the guy is strangely gripping to watch, but also because it reminded me exactly why I love, and will always come back to, The Beatles: their music is thrillingly, achingly beautiful. Thanks, guys.

So enjoy. And I dare you not to sing along.


girl said...

Oh my...The main reason I've always loved the Beatles was their 3 part harmonies. Yes this is achingly beautiful as is most of their music. Thank you for sharing this! It made my day.

Anonymous said...

Lovely deconstruction. I envy his ear, being able to separate the vocal parts and reproduce them. I appreciate the Beatles, but their magic remains a mystery to me.
Off topic, but after wandering around youtube, I discovered Ella Fitzgerald's version of "Savoy Truffle" which I'd never heard. Unlike many jazz Beatle covers, this horn arrangement and her beautiful vocals retain the spirit of George's original:

- hologram sam

J.R. Clark said...

The guy's accent KILLS me...

"Dees boyyyyeee...wooden mine deh payyyyne..."